Live, Love, Work, Prosper

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Imprint: Third Millennium
Pages: 240
Subject: Management, Leadership & Personal Development

Live, Love, Work, Prosper

A fresh approach to integrating life and work

Michael Tobin

A provocative, life-affirming manifesto, which reimagines the work-life balance and inspires us all to bravely embrace the new life-love-work continuum.

9781781258767 (11 Jan 2018)

About the book

Charismatic, philanthropic and multi-award-winning entrepreneur Michael Tobin has led an inspirational life ­- from growing up in poverty in East London, moving to conflict-ridden Rhodesia to taking TelecityGroup from near bankruptcy to a billion-dollar company in under a decade - and in Live, Love, Work, Prosper he shares the invaluable experience he's gained from his 'life-affirming rags-to-riches tale'.

In Live, Love, Work, Prosper Michael draws on his personal and professional experience to challenge the received wisdom that there needs to be, or even can be, a divide or a 'balance' between work and life. This is truer than ever, given dizzyingly rapid rates of change in technology, business models and family fragmentation. He re-evaluates how ­- now and into the future - we can be liberated by an integrated approach to success at work that's more in tune with a satisfying and fulfilling personal life.

Through anecdote, personal examples and clear thinking, Michael Tobin shows us that drawing on the combined strengths of life, love and work creates a powerful new way of living. The result is a provocative, thoughtful manifesto which aims to alter forever the old school thinking of work-life balance and replace it with a far braver new world of work-life integration. Live, Love, Work, Prosper might just save your relationship, your career and your sanity.

About the author

Michael Tobin is an entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist and an acknowledged authority on leadership, management techniques and business innovation. The former CEO of TelecityGroup, he has won multiple business awards including Entrepreneur and Outstanding Leader of the Year, was nominated as Business Leader of the Year in the National Business Awards and received the OBE for 'Services to the Digital Economy.' He is the author of Forget Strategy. Get Results.


A clever, complex analysis of the theory of incremental achievement, and an elegant exposition of why love makes life worth living.

- Alastair Stewart OBE

Michael Tobin is one of Britain's most successful and inspirational business leaders.

- Gavin Esler

Inspirational, humbling and emotional. Great guidance from an unconventional and sensitive man who has gone through exceptional experiences. Stories and innovative thoughts that can help all of us make our journey through life a happier one.

- Michel Taride, Group President, Hertz Rent-a-Car International

Courageous and honest in bringing to the surface the things that people don't want to talk about, but that are in everyone's heart, soul and mind. This book is a fantastic journey through life, combining practical business insights with personal anecdotes: it gives you the opportunity to put yourself in Mike's shoes and reflect on your own life, work, family and society.

- Carlos Hornstein, Associate Dean, London Business School

When it comes to using technology, do you control it, or does it control you? This book addresses the challenge every executive faces most days - how to balance family and business with the ever-increasing demands of a 24/7 technology-driven society. You may not agree with everything that Michael Tobin recommends. In fact, you may even disagree with much of it, but this book will certainly make you stop and think about how you currently deal with these challenges and how you can control and benefit from technological innovation in all aspects of your life.

- Stephen Murphy, DJO Global

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Imprint: Third Millennium
Pages: 240
Subject: Management, Leadership & Personal Development

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