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Here’s Publisher and MD Andrew Franklin’s introduction to our latest catalogue:

Bollocks to bullshit – here are our books

The fightback is here. In these post-truth times, when all around us seem to be gleefully subverting meaning and doing away with the entire concept of fact, we need books more than ever. Because a good book – whether a serious tome on economics or a YA graphic novel – is something that has a genuine truth at heart. It is the opposite of a flippant, irresponsible tweet, a glib, evasive soundbite, a dogwhistle smear.

The first step, as always, is know your enemy. On Trump, Brexit and Bullshit, Joris Luyendijk’s searing investigation of the rise of populist politics is essential reading here. But if we’re going to mount a convincing defence, we need to tell a story every bit as eye-catching as fake news, so we’ll need Sam Leith’s Write to the Point to show us how. Technology continues to transform our lives, but luckily, we have Shoshana Zuboff on hand to explain what happens when capitalism and the internet collide in Master or Slave.

With all this fighting the system, we’ll need some escapism as well – turn to Emma Byrne’s f*cking brilliant Swearing is Good For You to let off a bit of steam, immerse yourself in Shaun Bythell’s wry and witty tales of life on the frontline of bookselling in Diary of a Bookseller, or distract yourself with the fiendish literary puzzles in Nemo’s Almanac.

Inside this catalogue lies your own personal toolkit to survive the dark times ahead. As they say, forewarned is forearmed – and as long as we keep sharing ideas, engaging with new ideas and authors, and publishing and reading books we believe in, we can be optimistic about the future.