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When times are hard, and the outlook looks bleak, there are few things as comforting as a really good meal. And in the Profile catalogue, you’ll find exactly that: a smorgasbord of reading pleasure, an all-you-can-eat buffet of food for thought. Here are things to nourish and sustain – and to quench the most raging thirst for knowledge.

We’d suggest that you begin with a handful of tasty mixed facts from The Economist’s quizzical Uncommon Knowledge, or a refreshing shot of acid wit from Shaun Bythell’s Confessions of a Bookseller. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could sample some of the inhabitants of Reef Life or surrender to the pleasures of the unexpected with Michael Rosen’s Book of Play.

We’re not short on the serious and meaty, either: sink your teeth into Great State, Timothy Brook’s magisterial history of China, Breaking and Mending, Joanna Cannon’s searing memoir of doctor burnout, or John Burnside’s lyrical survey of twentieth-century poetry.

For after-dinner conversation, explore the delights of a dead language with Nicola Gardini’s Long Live Latin, debate the merits (or otherwise) of our leaders with David Runciman’s Where Power Stops, or take a leaf out of Christopher McDougall’s book Running with Sherman and strike up an unlikely friendship with a recalcitrant donkey.

And if that doesn’t leave you feeling fortified, we have tales of true grit in Emily Chappell’s Where There’s a Will, stoic wisdom in Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key … and soothing balm in the form of Stuart Heritage’s Bedtime Stories for Worried Liberals.

Happy reading!

Andrew Franklin

Publisher and Managing Director

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