Profile Catalogue

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Here’s Publisher and MD Andrew Franklin’s introduction to our latest catalogue:

The Profile list this year is a rich stew: among the onions of freshly uncovered classics nestle the bay leaves of bold new thinking, while the carrots of familiar faces swim in the rich juices of exciting new voices. It’s a recipe we’ve worked hard to perfect, it contains only the finest ingredients, and we think you’ll find it delicious.

Step 1: Mix it up.
Everyone loves a classic, but sometimes things need to be freshened up a bit. In Civilisations, Mary Beard and David Olusoga boldly reimagine Kenneth Clark’s much-loved Civilisation for the twenty-first century.

Step 2: Get cooking.
From David Runciman’s How Democracy Ends to Kwame Anthony Appiah’s Mistaken Identities, Profile’s books this season are all about how we – and our world – are changing. They’ll put your preconceptions in the blender, and sizzle your worldview on the griddle.

Step 3: Nourish your body.
Lost your appetite? Shapeshifters, Gavin Francis’ lyrical exploration of how our bodies change might tempt you, or turn to Jack Hartnell’s richly detailed Medieval Bodies for dragon’s blood and henbane.

Step 4: Work it off afterwards.
Stretch your … eyes at the revelations in Kenny Pryde and Ken Bensinger’s sports exposés, or, if you don’t feel quite that active, you can curl up with Henry Nicholls’ memoir of narcolepsy, Sleepyhead.

Happy eating!